Packaging attracts attention


“Technically, cartonboard packaging is often referred to as the ‘secondary’ package,” Christophe Baudry, Commercial Director, Beautycare and Healthcare at Metsä Board, explains, “as it contains the bottle or other dispenser. But isn’t it in fact the primary packaging in terms of its importance? The consumer’s first impression resides here.”

The appearance of packaging in drug stores has grown in importance. It is no longer considered only a functional entity, but rather an asset to attract attention when selling over-the-counter. Supplements and vitamins have been around forever, and now – with the help of eye-catching packaging – their sales are steadily growing as the average consumer becomes more interested in them.

Then there is the rise of a new genre of product altogether – “cosmeceuticals”. The name, of course, refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These new cosmetic products tend to contain biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits.

Another completely new product category sold in drugstores, “nutraceuticals”, combines food and pharmaceuticals. Attractive packaging with the capacity to stand out naturally becomes key to communicating the benefits of these new ranges. This is what makes Metsä Board’s paperboards, made from fresh fibres, the perfect choice in these segments.

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