Atmo Guard System® – safe, timely and cost-efficient


Which factors must be considered to receive the optimum primary packaging solution? How can cost-effectiveness be combined with smooth processes, maximum risk mitigation and safety? And where is comprehensive and reliable support available from a single source? Before being introduced to the market, all products must undergo the required approval processes. In order to offer customers optimal support, Sanner has developed the Atmo Guard System®.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® relies on real, product-specific data and takes all relevant factors into account. Thus customers obtain reliable measuring results backed by safe and proven processes. As true primary packaging expert, Sanner has an extensive know-how regarding moisture input. The holistic approach of the Atmo Guard System® makes sure that all steps and aspects are incorporated in the process. This way, customers gain time and can be sure that their chosen packaging meets all required criteria – be it for drop-in, integrated or individual desiccant packaging solutions.

The Sanner Atmo Guard System® is designed according to the motto “as much desiccant as needed, as little as possible”. Sanner engineers put their focus on the ideal interaction of product, desiccant and packaging. By taking into account the right parameters, they define the most economic packaging solution. This way, customers receive the ideal solution for a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch.

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