Fareva: ready to use products offer


Fareva is a global leading CDMO for the pharmaceutical industry based in Europe and the US. Our activities also cover API and early stages of formulation (analytical and dosage forms developments). Besides, thanks to strong partnerships, we are developing our ready to use products offer.

Fareva offers flexible solutions for analytical and dosage forms developments, clinical trials, regulatory services and commercial manufacturing for:
– Ophtalmic (BFS, conventional and preservative-free bottles)
– Injectables (freeze-dried vials, ampoules, prefilled syringes)
– Aerosols (conventional, bag-on-valve) and sprays (mechanical, preservative free)
– Suspensions, solutions and gels (bottles, sachets, stick-packs)
– Granules and powders (sticks-packs, sachets, bottle); tablets (uncoated, coated, sugar-coated) and capsules (blisters, bottles) with cytoxic expertise
– Creams, ointments, gel and jellies (single dose, sachets, alu, polyfoil or plastic tubes); sterile ointments and gels (polyfoil or aluminium tubes)
– Suppositories & ovulas
– Food supplements; herbal tea (grade pharma or not)
– Narcotics management and expertise (4 sites)

Fareva also produces APIs in 3 sites and is therefore able to offer a one-stop-shop. API business is appointed by steroid chemistry including aseptic processing (crystallization, micronization and packaging), high potent and toxic chemistry (OEB 4 and 5).

Thanks to strong partnerships, Fareva also develops ready-to-sell products:
– Private label drug products (OTC or under prescription) for common pathologies
– Private label medical devices for oral, rhinological, and skin care (hyaluronic acid, high molecular weight polymer or glycerol based); sea water aerosols; cold spray
– Food supplements ready to use formulas (tablets, capsules, powder sachets or stick-packs, effervescent, orodispersibles and orosolubles, single dose 2 or 3 phases vials)

At Fareva we are happy to highlight 3 products of our offer:
. Antifungal aerosols OTC US monograph: Fareva offers, for the US market, two foot care monograph products: liquid or powder antifungal aerosols containing Miconazole 2% or Tolnaftate 1% for athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm treatment.
. Cough & cold OTC syrup: Fareva and one of its partner offers an herbal cough and cold OTC syrup, containing 7 mg/mL dry extract of Hedera helix L. (Ivy leaf), used as an expectorant in case of productive cough.
. Ophthalmic MD: Fareva and one of its partner offers, for Europe, 3 ophthalmic medical devices: preservative free 10 mL bottles using Novelia system (approved by the FDA, from NEMERA), containing Carmellose 0,5%, Hypromellose 0,3% or Hyaluronic Acid 0,2% for eye soothing, lubricating and moisturizing.

If you are looking for development and manufacturing API and FDF in our 15 pharma facilities (among them 8 are FDA approved);
If you are interested in dossiers for drug products or medical devices and ready to use food supplements formulas;

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