Metsä Board achieves Leadership status in CDP 2016 Forest programme


Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, has achieved Leadership status in the materials sector of CDP’s 2016 Forest Programme for the second year in a row. This follows swiftly on the news that CDP recently recognised Metsä Board’s management of water security and climate change with A-List positions in both programmes. CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)is the international not-for-profit organisation that drives sustainable economies.
The CEO Mika Joukio was invited to take part in a discussion panel at the CDP Global Water Forum on 15 November in Marrakesh where the water results were revealed. You can listen to his viewpoints from the video.

For Metsä Board, a key part of sustainable forestry is forest renewal. “Here in Finland, four new seedlings are planted for each harvested tree. Metsä Group delivers seedlings to forest-owners for planting, and during the past couple of years this has amounted annually to 30 million seedlings, which is an impressive number,” says Mika Joukio, Metsä Board’s CEO.

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