Eric Goupil at Unither Pharmaceuticals inauguration in Wuhan (CH)


The unveiling ceremony of Unither Pharmaceuticals and Technology (China) took place on November 30th, 2016 at Biolake Industrial Park in Wuhan, Hubei Province. On this occasion, Mr. Eric Goupil was interviewed by Hubei TV.

All the contributors to the implantation of Unither Pharmaceuticals in Wuhan were present, including the General Consul of France in Wuhan, Philippe Martinet, the director of Health Department in Donghu district, Zhu Xiaochun, the general engineer of Biolake Industrial Park, Bao Junhua, and the CEO of Unither Pharmaceuticals, Eric Goupil.

The director of Wuhan’s Business France office, Alexis Caille, Science and Technology attaché at the French General Consulate in Wuhan, Philippe Maurin, Scientific Director of Unither Pharmaceuticals, Marc Maury, and Ni Zeng and Shaoxiong Zhong, project manager and business development manager at Unither Pharmaceuticals, all of them greatly contributed and made possible the opening of the Unither Pharmaceuticals site in China.

Hubei TV: What will you bring to the site of Unither in Wuhan?
Eric Goupil: Unither is a company that designs and manufactures medications. Initially, a commercial office and a laboratory will be set up on the Biolake site and then a production factory will be opened.

Hubei TV: Is the strategy of Unither Pharmaceuticals complementary to Biolake’s strategy?
Eric Goupil: There is a dual interest in being established in Biolake. Firstly, proximity to our partners will allow the direct exchange in the sharing of knowledge and, in the future, opportunities for co-development.

Hubei TV: What are the strengths of Unither Pharmaceuticals?
Eric Goupil: Thanks to our specialization in single-dose forms, we can offer products without preservatives, easy to carry and to use on a daily basis, which makes it easier to treat patients.

Hubei TV: Why did you choose Wuhan for this implantation?
Eric Goupil: From our first visit, we were very well received. The support of Biolake, as well as the strong French presence and the help of the Consulate, helped us to facilitate this implantation. We want to integrate into the local life and within Biolake which represents a site of future.

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