Nemera announces a research agreement with UFRT (University of Tours) on new nasal drug delivery treatments

Nemera and the Research Center for Respiratory Diseases (CEPR) of Tours University (INSERM U1100) join forces in a partnership to enhance drug therapeutic effectiveness in the nasal cavity.

The number of applications through the nasal route is expanding. The development of systemic medicinal products through the nasal mucosa is increasing, as well as new treatments directly targeting the central nervous system (nasal administration allows avoiding the blood-brain barrier). The nasal route of administration is easily accessible; it allows a focused efficacy and an outstanding usability, making patients’ lives easier than other types of treatments.

The purpose of this partnership is to develop a new method of nasal administration.

This collaboration relies on the expertises of Tours University in respiratory pre-clinical and clinical research, as well and Nemera’s experiences in development of drug delivery devices.