Stiplastics opens a new factory in Saint-Marcellin (France) dedicated to the future of healthcare

Stiplastics, the specialist designer, developer and producer of plastic solutions for the pharmaceutical industries and the health and e-health sectors has opened its new factory in Saint-Marcellin. A total of €8.6 million has been invested in this site, enabling the company to pool all its operations and meet its customers’ various requirements, especially in terms of the increasing demand for connected health.

A cutting-edge production tool

The 10,000 m2 site in Saint-Marcellin in the French département of Isère includes the company’s administrative headquarters, design office and production workshops (injection, assembly, storage) where manufacturing is based on lean management principles. It has:

– A dedicated injection workshop with 23 electric injection moulding machines weighing 30 to 300 T
– An automated assembly area (camera inspections, robot stations) and storage area
– A test centre with a dedicated injection moulding machine

In response to the rise of e-health, Stiplastics has also set up a new electronics workshopequipped with special tools including test benches. This 150 m² space is protected from ESD (Electro Static Discharge) by a controlled environment essential for handling electronic components.
The increasing prominence of connected care has also prompted the company to set up IoC  [Internet of Care]®. This label and unit is dedicated to designing, developing and producing ehealth medical devices, with the main aim of significantly improving treatment and patient comfort.


Stiplastics is therefore now able to design and manufacture medical devices, add electroniccomponents, test them and then pack them ready-to-use for delivery.

‘In 2013, we drew up a development plan forecasting almost doubled sales in five years. This investment will enable us to meet our targets since we are still on track for turnover of €23 million by the end of 2018. It would not have been possible to build this new site so quickly without the effective contribution made by our staff, which I would like to acknowledge, and the unfailing support of the local authorities, especially the Pays de Saint-Marcellin Community of Municipalities and the City of Saint-Marcellin, who I would like to sincerely thank,’ says Jérôme Empereur, CEO of Stiplastics.

‘Since 2014, when we entered a true partnership with Stiplastics, immense progress has been made with connected health, a sector that gives much hope, especially in terms of allowing patients to continue living at home. This public health issue is particularly challenging for less urban local authorities like our own. We are therefore happy and proud to have supported and gained the loyalty of an innovative company involved in the future of healthcare. Its dynamism adds to the appeal of our community of municipalities and, we hope, will encourage other companies to set up in our booming region set in an ideal location at the foot of the Vercors mountains near major motorway links,’ explains Frédéric de Azevedo, head of the Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère Communauté community of municipalities.